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Before there was time, before there was space, before there was energy and before there was matter, no Laws of Nature should exist, so how is it then possible to to figure out the birth of the earth and universe based on these laws?

The theory of Bigbang is constantly changing. 

How large was the mass that exploded and created the universe according to the big-bang theory?
from Dr.Hovindīs seminar                                   

Today it is assumed that nothing exploded and became everything! What will be assumed in a few years time?

Like information given by a criminal during an interrogation by the police, the "present truth" will be adapted with creative explanations in order to make new evidence agree with the lies of yesterday.

Science like this seem to be perishable goods which suits (and convinces) temporary, but will not last into future. 

Don't keep your common sense as hostage! 

With an open and questioning mind you have more alternatives to chose from. 


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