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Evolutionary science states that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago and humans evolved to an upright position some 5 million years ago.  Which means both reptile and man never met, separated by 60 million years of evolution. Keep this theory in mind as we explore some evidence suggesting otherwise.

Enter the Ica Stone

Discovered in 1966 by Dr. Cabera, who became the largest collector of them, opening a museum housing 11,000 of the 15,000 known Ica stones in Peru. At first glance all you see are baseball to basketball sized rocks with some stylistic symbols etched onto the surface.  But look closer.  One stone shows a man looking up to the stars with a telescope; another demonstrates a heart transplant in progress, another brain surgery while many others illustrate dinosaurs and men interacting.  

Pre-Columbian Dinosaurs?
Ica stone

You may ask why these stones are so important archeologically speaking. Here's where it gets interesting.  The stones carvings are said to be 500 - 2500 years old.  Yet the first telescope wasn't invented until 1608! Ask yourself when the first open heart surgery or brain surgery was.  And when did humans ever interact with dinosaurs?  Was it during the period of 500BC - 1500AD? The people that lived when these stones were made couldn't have known how to do open heart surgery because it didn't exist until 1952. And who could've drawn a dinosaur if it wasn't until 1822 that the first recorded dinosaur fossil was discovered and recognized as a new order of animal. No one prior to that would have known what a dino looked like unless humans and dinos lived together.
So the question is how could men 2000 years ago possess advanced technology and observe a dinosaur to create this unique art form.  Hmmm.

It could mean two things:
Ica stone dino

1.)    The stones are real, dinosaurs and humans coexisted until several hundred years ago and mankind was a lot smarter than we have been lead to believe.
2.)    The stones are faked, etched within the last 40-100 years.

So the big question is, are the stones authentic? The answer depends on who you talk to.  Some state that the patina (the rocks' natural glaze created by time) indicates great age and that it is both in the etched area and the surface of the rock proving that the rock surface has not been disturbed since they were found. Others state the etched area does not have a patina in the crevasse meaning the stones were etched recently.  Unfortunately, the humble farmer who found these, died without revealing the source.  Before passing though, the government arrested him and he recanted, saying the stones are faked. But was this in fear of incarceration for selling archeological artifacts? Let's look at the logistics of this theory.  If this farmer had carved one Ica stone a day for 40 years, then yes, he could have faked 15,000 stones.  But is this reasonable to conclude considering his level of education? Remember that he would have had to have an extensive knowledge of dinosaurs and many other scientific nuances which we see in the carvings.  



This is exciting stuff, but further investigation is necessary. Dr. Dennis Swift's book, Secrets of the Ica Stones and the Nazca Lines, is a must read.  Swift is the leading Creationist authority on the subject.  On his latest expedition, 3 months ago, Dr. Swift helped the Lost World Museum obtain two ultra rare authentic Ica stones. Yes, with humans interacting with dinosaurs!
We want you to see these so bad, but the museum does not open till later this year.  So here's what we're prepared to do, for the first 20 people who purchase the Ica Stone book, we will include a beautiful 8x10 photo of the two stones as a special Museum preview.
Again we thank you for taking the time to read this exciting report and a convenient button allows you to place this newsletter in the hands of those who would love to hear about Ica Stones and more. See you next time.


Sincerely,John Adolfi

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Obviously these stones, if determined to be authentic, could be a problem for evolutionists. It would mean that the people carving them in 500AD would have to have seen dinosaurs which scientists say died off millions of years ago. How else could they have so perfectly illustrated the dinosaurs we know of today? Significant excavation, research and reconstruction of dinosaurs have only taken place in the last 150 years. It would strongly suggest dinos and man lived together recently and the evolutionary time table needs to be reevaluated.
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